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Litter number: 17
Kitten number: 64
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby + white

Nickname: Flynnstone
Siblings: unknown

the oldest and fattest of the hybrid Fig litter, at least until Ferris caught up to him. We suspect Flynn was brought to the shelter as a singleton when he was quite small. When he arrived at 50K, he looked like he’d swallowed a tennis ball. His features were lean, but his belly was so swollen that we assumed he had worms.

When his belly remained distended after courses of Panacur, Albon, and Metronidazole, we realized he was just a glutton. That view was confirmed when we watched him eat… and eat, and eat. Maybe some event in his early kittenhood triggered a sense of food insecurity. After we began to feed Flynn and Ferris separately and ration their portions, Flynn gradually regained a more normal profile.

Along with eating, Flynn’s special talent was auto-suckling. While balancing on his back and kneading air his front paws, he’d lock his lips onto his ample white belly and suckle away. We learned that this was something he did when he was happy.

Flynn was a very social and well-behaved kitten, who played well with his littermates and didn’t use his size and strength against them. After several frustrating weeks on view at the shelter, Flynn was adopted by a nice young couple with a young girl who was looking forward to spending lots of time with him.

Arrival date: 9/8/2008
Departure date: 11/10/2008