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Litter number: 17
Kitten number: 67
Gender: f
Color: tortie

Nickname: T-Bone
Siblings: unknown

our little Sasquatch! Tenaya was a medium-haired tortie with dark eyes that were sometimes hard to find in her furry face. From the paperwork that accompanied the Figs, we concluded that Tenaya and Gretel were true sisters, though they looked nothing like each other. Their personalities were different too. While we always found Gretel surrounded by other Figs, Tenaya often did her own thing. She might choose to explore under the bed or chill out the cardboard disk while the other Figs wrestled or chased each other. But just as often wed find her sharing a sunny spot on the bed with Ferris or Gretel in the afternoon.

And during her last few weeks at 50K, Tenaya became increasingly people-oriented. As Lyell suckled the blanket between us in bed, wed hear purring and turn our heads to see Tenaya standing next to us, waiting to be acknowledged.

After a slow start with us, Tenaya became a reliable eater and grew steadily bigger and stronger. She remained sneezy throughout her stay at 50K, and never really overcame her weepiness, but sustained treatment with L-lysine greatly reduced the eye inflammation that plagued her for the first several weeks.

Since Tenaya was adopted along with her sister Gretel by a young couple, we know she'll have lots of fun in her new home.

Arrival date: 9/8/2008
Departure date: 11/10/2008