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Litter number: 17
Kitten number: 68
Gender: f
Color: black + white

Nickname: Shell Belle
Siblings: Ferris

During her first few days at 50K, Shelley spent a lot of time underneath the playground bed. She was sneezy like the rest of the Figs, and had eye and nose discharge that discolored her face. Though we tried to clean her up regularly, her white facial fur eventually turned grayish-black from her eye discharge, and at one point we worried she had ring-worm. For a while we thought that socializing Shelley and getting her to look good might be the biggest challenge presented by the Figs.

How wrong we were! Shelley emerged from under the bed, and slowly but surely grew into a sleek little panther. Though she continued to sneeze occasionally, her weepiness gradually improved and her facial fur turned white again. And she became an alpha female. We often found her wrestling with Lyell, who she could usually dominate. Shelley stunned me one day by casually leaping from the bed, over my outstretched arm, and up to the dormer window. By the end of our first month with the Figs, it was clear that Shelley was the most athletic of the group.

Like other active kittens we’ve fostered, Shelley was social and like to be petted and held – for a few seconds. Then she was ready to race off and climb the ladder, or chase a sibling.

Shelley’s high energy, affability, and good looks should serve her well with new family – which includes an older cat, a dog, and three young children!

Arrival date: 9/8/2008
Departure date: 11/10/2008