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Litter number: 17
Kitten number: 69
Gender: m
Color: black + white

Nickname: Ferrissimo
Siblings: Shelley

the class clown of the Figs litter, Ferris gradually overtook Flynn to become the biggest and fattest as well. Because he shared Flynnís ďeat until itís goneĒ ethic, Ferris was our first fosterling to outgrow the scale – he exceeded the scaleís 5-lb limit during his last two weeks with us.

Like his true sister Shelley, Ferris had very soft black-and-white fur that made you want to pick him up and pet him. Unlike Shelley, Ferris was a cuddler and a bit of a couch potato. And Ferris was also a suckler, like the other male Figs, though his suckling technique really involved biting down on a fleecy blanket while kneading it with his paws.

Though you could almost see him jiggle as he bounded along, Ferris loved to jailbreak from the playground and race down the hall to greet the 50K staff cats and then explore Tedís office. He liked to venture under the desk and behind the filing cabinets, where he was hard to extract. We curbed his jailbreaking by showing him his dinner while we opened the door.

Ferris had lots of funny little squawks and sighs and gestures that weíll remember, and that Iím sure will endear him to his new family. I can visualize him now, hanging out on the couch with his new family, and signaling to them to pass the chips.

Arrival date: 9/8/2008
Departure date: 11/10/2008