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about 50K

Bottle Caps

litter 36, who arrived as bottle babies along with their Mom Georgia Ann. Alex, Ovi, Nick, and Samara (who we renamed Tamara) were named after Washington Capitals players. Like their mom, all three boys had severe upper-respiratory infections and stopped nursing. GA wasn't eating herself, and had no energy to care for her kittens, but was fat enough to be able to provide milk for Tamara, who was completely free of URI symptoms. Alex, Ovi, and Nick fought against being syringe-fed, and we weren't able to save them.

After a week or so and lots of meds, fluids, and syringe-feeding, GA eventually started eating on her own again and began a gradual recovery that took two months. The tip of her tail (which had been furless when we met her) eventually fell off, and her rescuers suspected she might have suffered frostbite. If so, there's some possibility that her kittens suffered from that as well.

When Georgia Ann seemed almost fully recovered (and Tamara was over 2 lbs and still completely healthy), we rolled the dice and introduced the nursing Rally Caps litter to GA. She allowed them to nurse occasionally, and her parental presence helped get the Rally Caps onto the right track.

GA and Tamara went to different foster homes after leaving 50K.

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