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Litter 30, who someone dropped off in a cardboard box at a girl-scout camp in rural Virginia when the kittens were flea-infested and only a few days old. Luckily a Homeward Trails volunteer was visting the camp and took them under her wing, bottle-feeding them immediately and then driving them to her DC-area home. Gray tabby Savannah and brown tabbies Chief and Scout ate well from the start. Gorgeous flame-point Samoa overcame diarrhea, as did orange-tabby Scottie after a shaky first few days when he had trouble eating.Several weeks of pumpkin-based cuisine, Metronidazole, and flea baths eventually got the Campers on the right track, and by the time they graduated they were robust, squeaky-clean, and about the friendliest litter we've ever had. Lots of adopters asked for Samoa, and he left first for a home with another kitten. Two weeks later Chief and Scout went home together, and then Savannah and Scottie were adopted by a young couple who grew up with lots of cats.

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