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Litter 31, composed of orange + white tabby Oggi and dilute tortie Gigi. Named the Divers because when we first got them, we could hear them breathe from across the room. We called them "orange guy" and "gray girl" for the first week, because we didn't think they'd survive. At about 3 weeks old, each weighed under 12 oz. They were starving to death, severely anemic from their flea infestations, and too weak to stand. And their eyes were swollen shut from inflammation due to the herpes virus that also caused their congestion. While receiving the most intensive care we've ever offered, the Divers stabilized and gradually started to recover. After several touch-and-go weeks (and a battle with ringworm), they began to thrive, and ultimately turned into athletic, face-nuzzling,purring super-kittens. We fostered them for over 5 months, but the Divers eventually went to a great home together. Two of our all-time favorite kittens.

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