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Litter 29, who arrived just as the 2010 World Cup was getting started in South Africa. All five kittens got soccer-related names. Though young and small (only 10-12 oz) when they got here, the FIFAs were one of our healthiest, fastest-growing, most trouble-free litters. Even Pele, who checked in with a crushed and splinted ankle on her right hind leg, was unstoppable; she recovered completely in a matter of weeks.

We were quite surprised when all five kittens tested positive for FIV on the eve of their scheduled adoptions. That didn't stop their adoptive families from snapping up the super-cute FIFAs. Bafana and Zela went home together, as did Beckham and Vuvu. And Pele joined a family with a two-year-old male cat named Bandit.

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Culturati Hall of Fame:
Sandy inducted 4-30-10
DoodleBean 1-27-11
Kerry 9-26-13