a stepping-stone to adoption for abandoned fur-balls





about 50K

Flying Nuns

a group of four tuxedo sisters (Natalie, Nicki, Natasha, and Nanette) who arrived at 50K as healthy, fun-loving 4-month-olds. After plenty of flying around the villa, singing, and a little hissing when Moe and Spiff briefly shared the villa with them, the Nuns went home in pairs. Nicki and Natasha went first, to a couple with two older dogs and an adult cat. Natalie and Nanette (our two alpha Nuns who got along great when they were the only kittens left!) a few weeks later, to a family with two young girls.

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Culturati Hall of Fame:
Sandy inducted 4-30-10
DoodleBean 1-27-11
Kerry 9-26-13