a stepping-stone to adoption for abandoned fur-balls





about 50K


litter 37, consisting of gray tabbies Agate, Beryl, Galena, Mica, Opal, and Pewter, and gray-and-white kitten Petoskey. This gang arrived with two moms, Diamond and Dazzle, who shared the nursing duties and may themselves have been mother-daughter. Diamond was mostly white, with a brown tabby scalp, paws, and tail, and Dazzle was a shy-but-gorgeous green-eyed gray tabby. Since their moms did all of the nursing and weaning, we only had to sit back and watch… at least until the Gems started battling a weird virus with neurological symptoms. We called it Gem Fever, and all seven kittens got it, lost weight and motor skills for a few days, and then recovered.

The attractive and affectionate Gems were snapped up quickly, and went home in pairs as soon as smallest girls hit our two-pound adoption threshold.

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Culturati Hall of Fame:
Sandy inducted 4-30-10
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Kerry 9-26-13