a stepping-stone to adoption for abandoned fur-balls





about 50K


litter 35, consisting of black kittens Lancelot, Guinevere, Nee, and Maurelle, and (strangely) a great-looking brown-tabby we named Percy. The Knights arrived at 50K along with their "older brother" Rex, a quiet but gorgeous two-year-old male snowshoe with abscessed teeth and a pronounced third eyelid on his right eye. Rex tolerated the Knights, who looked up to him and followed him around.

The Knights (except for Nee) outgrew their initial shyness and became outgoing and playful. When they graduated from 50K, they went "on view" at PetMAC, where they inhabited a spacious enclosure with cool climbing toys and a floor-to-ceiling window. One by one, Guinevere, Lance, and Maurelle went to homes with other young cats. Nee and Percy were finally adopted together, which validated the PetMAC strategy of pairing the sought-after Percy with the reticent Nee. We're confident that Nee just needed time and a stable environment before she opened up.

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Sandy inducted 4-30-10
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