a stepping-stone to adoption for abandoned fur-balls





about 50K


aka litter 28, the five kittens – George, Lincoln, Jackie-O, TJ, and Mamie – born in the 50K villa to Mom Minnie on Presidents' Day, 2010. When they reached their weight and age thresholds, all the Moochers went directly from 50K to their forever homes. Mamie joined the family that adopted 50K-alumnus Sonet (now Cooper). George was adopted by a young couple with a young female cat. Jackie-O and her pal (and short-term fosterling) Clinton were adopted together. And TJ, Lincoln and Mom Minnie all went home together!

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Culturati Hall of Fame:
Sandy inducted 4-30-10
DoodleBean 1-27-11
Kerry 9-26-13