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Litter 25, the first kittens we fostered after parting ways with our local animal shelter. Raleigh, Risa, Ryder, and Regis were three-week-old colorful and scraggly ragamuffins who found their way to 50K from a high-kill shelter via our super-fosterer in Fairfax. While all four kittens were ready bottle-feeders, Regis had intestinal trouble from the start. Constipation gave way to diarrhea and vomiting, and while we hand-fed him, rehydrated him, took him to the vet and got him every med that has helped us before, it wasn't enough, and he died after ten days with us. His illness may have been congenital, because his three siblings were among the healthiest kittens we've ever fostered. Raleigh and Ryder went home together (yay!) and Risa joined another female kitten at her new home.

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